Remember the Azure Blue Lauscher Glass eyes?

The ones that BB put on sale and some were not sure if we could make them look realistic in a baby? I have been using mine in my Christmas Special Bald babies I have been making. They work out really well and look pretty good I think! It is as I had thought, they look best in a baby that is not so open eyed.


Aw, such cute little babies xx

They look great on all these babies.

Sweet babies…eyes look good…!!..

They look great!!! Yea! I have some!!! But I don’t have a squinty eye! Lol

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Guess you’ll have to buy one Nikki.

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Will scholl has squinty eyes!!!

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Yes he does. Are you going to get him?

Not from the uk. It’s just 2 much!!!:sob:

Oh cute …I been thinking they will be to bright or so

Such cuties! The eyes look great in them. Thanks for posting the pics.

Both babies are adorable!

He looks like Bjarni

Those look nice and your babies are beautiful!

They look great!

Thanks for that, I bought TWO!!! Not sure what possessed me, and I have been just wondering what I will do with them. They look very nice in your babies. :slight_smile:

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Looks great

That baby is Bjarni by Elisa Marx. The other one is Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx