Remake of Charli

I painted this AA baby a while back and never liked her and she did not sell and little interest was shown in her so I got a wild hair and stripped her which took a while, shaved her head and finished preping for her to be repainted. I am not finished but wanted to see what you all think? Please excuse the picture as it is raining so it was hastily made inside.


World of difference! Love her new hair!

Doesn’t look like the same baby! Did you use a wig on the second one?

You did a good job of changing her!

Love her

Yes, but I think I am going to root the same color for her. What I don’t understand about wigs is holding the hair down below the cap. I thought about partially rooting and using a wig to correct that.

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Mine didn’t have a problem as I just put the wig on the bare head. I have no idea how to keep the hair that is still there underneath the wig…