Red Ink Help

Hi! My mom has a doll kit that she was just getting ready to start. She had tried a little pair of sandals on her the other day and when she took them off this afternoon - they had stained her feet. What can she use to get this off? Zit cream? Goof off? Anything would be appreciated. She is absolutely sick over this.

You can try windsor and newton too!


Wow! Let us know how it goes!

Thank you! She is trying the zit cream now. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow in the sun.

I’ll keep you posted.

@Pitmom390 - forgive my ignorance but what is Windsor and Newton and where can I get it?

No worries, its brush cleaner and restorer. I bought mine at Hobby lobby not sure by michaels may have it.

I got my Windsor and Newton at Joanns (another option)

Thank you guys so much! If the zit cream doesn’t seem to work I’ll make the trip to one of those places!

Just make sure the zit cream has benzyl peroxide as its ingredient. It works great for blue ink stains. I put a nice coat on it and place the parts on a chair in direct sunlight outside for the day. Works wonders! Fingers crossed it works for red ink.


Try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I had a kit with some black permanent marker and it worked.

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Thank you everyone for all your tips and suggestions!!! My mom used zit cream and it it out 95% of the red. Now the little dolly just needs a bath to get rid of the residue and she is ready to go!