Received a kit and it is damaged!

So I purchased a kit and now that I have it there’s dents and scratches. I don’t think it is from shipping. Should I sent it back or do you think I can work around it? It’s not a BB kit btw.

Not sure if my camera is picking it up. I’m not talking about the “soft spot” but those little lines and dents below it and above.

These are bad in the back! Not sure if you all can see

This is like chipped and scratches vinyl above the brow.

I would definitely send it back. Supplier may need to check all the shipments of that sculpt. Had it happen to me, supplier had no idea several kits of the sculpt were damaged.


I would send it back with that much damage.


I would contact who you bought it from. I had that happened just a few weeks ago.

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Send it back for sure.