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I know this has come up before but can’t seem to find the answer no matter what search terms I use.

Just signed up for reborns and listed a baby. I will accept PayPal only and ship within the US only… Got a message saying that someone ordered my baby. It is someone from South America with what looks like an incomplete address. Am I supposed to respond to this?

Did their money go through?

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No. I didn’t know what I was doing when I set it up, so left it where I could invoice the person when they buy. Thought about changing it, but then wondered if I should just leave it so there’s no hassle with refunds when people don’t read.

Any advice you have on this, I’d love to hear.

I wish I could help. The people out of the US that have wanted a doll from me have “asked a question” and we talked about it through email, etc.

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Looking at this again, looks like a made up number. Probably a kid or something. Anything I can change to avoid this?

The only artist under the V section, @anon77773884. Lol I am getting messages left and right about him. One new message just came through about someone really wanting him, but not being able to pay all at once.

Honesty I was not expecting all of this activity. It’s giving me anxiety because I am not really tech savvy, and am definitely inexperienced- I’ve given most of my dolls away. I hear horror stories about scams and people getting screwed over… I’m afraid that I will mess up something and pay for it dearly.

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Do all of you take payments? Is that a hassle?

Thanks, @anon77773884. Makes sense because my dolls are not expensive to a point where payments would be necessary… what doesn’t make sense is why people would bother people when they can’t buy…

When I get orders like that, I e-mail the person and let them know I only ship within the US. I do an occasional payment plan on an individual basis. I make sure they understand the deposit is non-refundable and offer payment options for the rest.


It gets better. The newest message from yet another person is “Can we lower the price?” Well, gee, let me see… Since I paid for supplies alone and was by myself painting him for two weeks, I would say no. . “We” definitely are not lowering my already reasonable price.

Oh sigh. I don’t like people very much tonight.


My answer to that one is just ‘No’. Not negotiable.

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I guess I need thicker skin to sell these, huh? Lol

As of now, I am annoyed by these messages. It would never to occur to me to email BB to tell them how much I love all their new realborns, but need a discount to buy them, so I would expect that people also would not waste my time with nonsense. There are babies at all price points on this site, so if you can’t afford mine, find a cheaper one. Common sense here… which, unfortunately, does not seem to be all that common these days.


Sorry to be a pest here @anon77773884 @jlesser, but after changing things to PayPal only, verifying that the order button is gone and buy with PayPal button is there instead, I got yet another “congratulations, someone ordered your reborn” message…

How is this happening? I must have done something wrong again. :confused:

Both Miranda and Joseph show as available to adopt… both show just the paypal button.

Is it an actual sale message or a question? They both will come to your email and both will be in the inbox/order tab on

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If I meet you at ROSE, I will treat you to ice cream, @jlesser. Lol What am I looking at here?

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Have you tried to contact David?

Your listing for Joseph looks right and still looks adoptable.

When you are signed in there is a contact David tab.

I am not sure what it is doing. He might have to be the one to go in and “fix” it.

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The fact that you don’t know either makes me feel a whole lot better. Lol Thanks!

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Thanks for helping me double check @anon77773884! I sent David a message, hopefully he will know something… off to figure out why my Miranda isn’t showing up under just born. Lol

Don’t see my Miranda, but found a cute baby from you, @anon77773884. And one that I love from @honojane… She is beautiful. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I have two on there right now. I’m not sure which one you saw. It was probably Annaliese.

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