Reborns in Hawaii

How do reborns hold up in tropical climates like Hawaii where it’s so hot and humid most of the time? Do they become sticky over time?

It isn’t tropical here in the South, but it IS hot and humid in the summer. Really hot and humid. I haven’t seen any complaints about the dolls being sticky or anything messing up with them. But, that is just my 2 cents. Hopefully someone else will pop in and let us know their thoughts. :slight_smile:

Middle Ga. gets pretty darn humid for all of the summer and mine have held up very well. Of course, I don’t leave them outside but inside my cool house, they are fine.

@jeanhai I moved from hot humid GA to Carolina Beach in the summer with dolls packed in storage bins sitting in a hot storage unit for a couple months. The only thing that happened was the babies that had diapers on their head were shiny - but after a while the shine left and they were ok. They were never sticky. But of course I don’t know about tropical climates. Hope that helps a little. At that time I used soft touch varnish without additives.

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Sounds like they should be okay. Thanks.

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When the humidity gets really high here in deep south GA, sometimes their hair needs to be calmed back down, but the vinyl is unaffected.

I have send many to Puerto Rico and they do fine.
My sister has the second reborn I made like 5 years ago in Culebra and he is ok and my mom had one in the Island in a room with no air conditioning for around 3-4 years and she is fine.

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