Reborns for courageous kids

I did those babies for the kids who were on my face book page with your help. This has grown to several people wishing for one for their children so with help there has been set up a page to help fund this. I put a link to bb if anyone wants to choose the baby to be used. They can buy the things and send to me and I will do the reborning for them and the person who bought it will be given the credit. The page is called Reborns for courageous kids. It was just started yesterday and hopefully we will get some sponsors. I just wanted to let you know this exists and what I am doing now.

Sounds great Debora

This is now shut down I give up. I give it to God!

Why was it shut down? I did see potential for problems, but who shut it down?

What happened?

What the heck??? What happened??? I didn’t even get a chance to look at it.
You okay, sweetie???

I have a 95% painted 10% rooted Kyle kit. I started him over a year ago, but totally lost interest. (I’m not a big fan of Moulton limbs)

Ack! Oh well. Maybe they thought it was for REAL babies or it was under the wrong category??

Debora posted on FB. Had something to do with 501 tax forms for non-profit organizations.

— Begin quote from “pia”

Debora posted on FB. Had something to do with 501 tax forms for non-profit organizations.

— End quote

Why not make it a “group” and not list it as a “non profit”.

Hello everyone! I have been depressed about this and then we got a new puppy and Gosh I have forgotten how much work they were! I was just trying to get some help but it is not to be. I have been contacted by a few artists who want to help and I gave them names so they can mail babies to the kids. Lilly if the offer is still open I would love your forgotten baby! I have found a different way to do this! I have the addresses for those who want a baby and then I found a website to sponsor a child for Christmas. I still am going to make sure the kids on my old site gets a baby.
Yes I shut it down I was not aware I had to have those forms and I did not get them and do not need trouble with the IRS. I was being bad mouthed and put down but some of the mothers to the babies I had already made came to my defense. Maybe /I went about it wrong, no I did. I a admitting my mistake and moving on and when someone volunteers to do a baby I make sure they get a legit name. Thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts.
Oh plus Midnight was running from the puppy and knocked my phone off the back of the couch and it is screwed and I have nto had a chance to be home with my computer much!

I’ve decided that my chihuahua is going to have to be considered a puppy forever. Potty training doesn’t seem to be in her vocabulary. She does great until something spooks her…which is easy to do. So when I decide to fix the floors, I’m not getting carpet!

I’d love to help you out. I’m sure there is a way to get a list without all the red tape. I haven’t a clue how to other than each individual contacting their local children’s hospital though. Which is not going to give out names but might give you a general profile. Hope you find a way to keep it going!