Reborning while Pregnant?

Hi everyone Happy 4th to those in the US celebrating today. So I have a question I know quite a few of you guys have kids. Anyone painted while Pregnant? What is the best thinner to use I use Genesis Heat Set paints and really don’t wanna switch to ary dry with all the money I spent. Any tips? What is best?


Congrats, I would use the oven outside when curing the kits if possible. I’m not pregnant, but I think outside would be better if you gonna continue reborning. Also consult your dr.


I’m guessing you’re asking because you’re expecting…? Congrats!!

You definitely want to bake outside as that is where the toxic fumes are released. I would use an odorless thinner, like Mona Lisa or Bob Ross. But you definitely need to bake outside! You can take your NuWave outside to do this, but make sure it’s covered with like a tent if you’re expecting rain or damp weather–would hate to have a fuse break or have your oven break due to some rain.

So, to sum it up:
Bake outside
Get some odorless thinner
Paint in a well-ventilated area (windows open, fans going)
Oh and take long breaks. Maybe 2 hours of painting, 2.5 hours off.
Talk to your doctor as well.


Congratulations!!! :heart:

I don’t want to be a downer, and I’m no doctor-- but as an art teacher I advise pregnant women to stay away from most paint. The exception would be watercolor, and even then I recommend using gloves. (Good quality, artist-grade pigments of any medium can contain harmful heavy metals)

Odorless paint thinner is NOT non-toxic. In fact, it can be worse than regular thinner because fumes build up without being noticed. While there are no hard facts about it (women are not lining up to risk their babies for scientific studies) chemicals in thinner have been linked to miscarriage and birth defects.

I’m struggling with these facts myself as my five year old has finally convinced me to let him paint a kit. I have a thousand fans on him, big gloves, hands washed immediately after. I’m probably overly cautious, but I’ve made mistakes myself with chemical safety, and I’m not willing to risk it with my kids.

All this to say- talk with your doc, use common sense/caution, and even if you do need to take a break-- it will go by so fast! Enjoy those baby belly kicks :smile:


Thanks @Msmimi04 @Sydster and @Rainbowbabies I appreciate all you guys feedback and congratulations. Thanks for responding. With all things said and considered I’m thinking I’ll just use this time to study more reborn techniques and not paint right now.


You can also use the time to root, or draw hair with prisma pencils. Or practice those skills.


@EnchantedOrphanage great ideas :slight_smile:

When pregnant I switched to all thinning medium. No paint thinner.
Then I baked with all the windows open in my kitchen. My kitchen is on the far side of the house. I would put the kit in and then when the time was up id come back in wearing a fumes mask and hold my breath, take kit out of nuwave, and run back out so as not to breathe more than two breaths in there. It was a challenge switching to all thinning medium and the babies still looked great.
I think I will do my Spencer next, I’ll do him in all thinning medium too and I will post pics.


@EnchantedOrphanage that is a great idea I could use the time to perfect my rooting thanks for replying. @katieperry you also raise a good point I could wear gloves switch to thinning medium and just bake outside never thought to use thinning medium only. thanks so much for your input I appreciate it guys


@EnchantedOrphanage and @katieperry, those are great ideas! From what I understand all the Genesis products are non-toxic. It’s the thinner and hot vinyl that are scary.

They recommend if you have cats that your partner changes the litter box…And bakes the doll parts :joy:


Perhaps wearing a fume mask would help? I probably wouldn’t risk it to be on the safe side.

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A lot of good advice ladies!
I’ve reborned while pregnant, twice. I would just wear gloves while handling any paints, thinners, doll parts with unbaked paint on them… Ect…use a fan and open window while using thinners. And only bake outside! Honestly, a lot of the food we eat and chemicals we breathe and put on out bodies (lotions, hair spray…) are probably just as bad as paint and thinners.


I started out having my husband take out the dolls parts from the oven but once I did it it took me like two seconds I just held my breath for like 10 seconds then rushed back out the room and it wasn’t too bad at all.

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That’s a good idea. But you may get “the craving” to paint. You can always ask your doctor about it, and then decide. And you could always do both! One day of painting (with breaks), one day of studying.

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Thanks so much everyone for all the advice and feedback in truly grateful for this forum of course I could have just asked a doctor but I wanted to know if you guys have don’t the process of reborn while u was pregnant and whether or not you felt any harm done. You guys are great

Take a break for at least the 1st trimester. It’s NOT worth the risk, even if it is only tiny risk. There are not any figures; as Rainbowbabies said, nobody is volunteering to have safety tested on them while they are pregnant.
If you get desperate for something to do get somebody to paint a kit for you and then root it yourself.


Yes I agree! Thanks @ludmila

I totally agree @ludmila

@ludmila that’s good advice! The first trimester is so important to be at utmost carefulness!

Non -toxic Air dry would be an excellent choice - NO baking and no toxins !