Reborning a toddler kit

I recently received a toddler kit I had ordered. She/he will be 31" when completed. I am sure this is a stupid question I am going to ask. Those of your who have done a toddler this large, did you use your regular oven? There is no way for her leg to fit in my Nuwave. I really don’t want to bake her in the oven I cook in. Any suggestions?

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I have been cooking all of mine in the oven.

I think you would have to use you’re oven. Before I got a NuWave that is all I used.

Some have added additional extender rings to the Nuwave oven to accommodate the larger limbs. From what I understand the, the limbs are then propped up with towels so they don’t touch the sides.

I’m ashamed to say, I use my oven.

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I use my oven for the large dolls. I always used it before I got a NuWave…I will still use the oven if I need to bake after I have rooted because the NuWave really messes with the hair.

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I did use the damp towel over the head in the NuWave but it has so much hot air swirling around the towel dries out and does not keep the hair moist, In my experience anyway. The oven does keep it nice and moist.

I always heat the heads in a Nuwave after rooting. I dampen the hair and wet a baby hat, wring it out and place it on the head. I haven’t had any issues with it.