Reborn repair question

A lady that I met at a vendor show contacted me today regarding a reborn she bought online. A doll she paid $600 for… some how her daughter plucked the dolls eyes out and the head cane off. They want to know what I would charge to replace the eye and put the head back on. Any suggestions?

I have no idea but shouldn’t be a hard work . Takes a bit of time but I would really charge much if anything at all .( or paying the new supplies used )

I would ask for pictures and make sure there isnt more to repair before accepting


I second what Jenni said. If she ripped the eye out from the front, it could have damaged the vinyl.


Just my guess but I bet the child pushed the eyes in and they were inside the head and mom took head off thinking she could put them back in and didn’t know how.If that’s the case,it should be an easy fix.Charge for supplies,shipping back to her and a little for your time.

Ok, she sent pictures. I think that’s what happened too. The child is 26, slightly delayed and the mom bought the baby doll for her. It’s a BEAUTIFUL BABY… Thanks everybody :heart::heart::heart:


If the eye sockets have been cut on the inside putting moleskin over them might prevent it from happening again.