Reborn Libby on 3 sites what about ebay?

I put Libby on 3 facebook sites and Now listed with ebay…didnt auction because if it sells someplace else i have an ebay problem withdrawing.So Fixed price.
What do most of you do if listed on ebay and other places too?
Also maybe my phone but on ebay my photoes uploads trys kept going to my camera and not my pictures id already taken cropped etc Is that new on ebay or my phone screwing up ? cant upload except from camera

I only list on one place at a time. I just advertise on other sites. Personally, I think having it on multiple sites is setting yourself up for a lot of negative comments. As in, if it sells on one of the sites and there are people thinking about purchasing from one of the other sites and you take the doll down, you’re probably going to get a lot of negative comments. Does that make sense? It’ll make people mad. I don’t ever do it because I have had bad experiences in the past of not being allowed to take something down. Good luck

I only sell on one site at a time. There’s nothing wrong with posting other places, but you really have to keep tabs on all the sites which is a pain in the tushie for me.


Yeah i guess it s a pain.
I posted on 2 local facebook sites and the 2 other.
Just figured more exposure.
Guess it was a mistake
!Thought if sold on one someone want her tell them can make another like her.No?.
Then figured ebay well maybe i havent thought it out well lol
Id never take down an auction once there are bids totally wrong.Get a bad rep with that.

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I haven’t listed in a while because I do mostly customs exclusively now but when I do I list several places…I just make sure to mention that my baby is listed for sale in several other sales arenas and I reserve the right to pull down my auction if it sells elsewhere… I have had to do that on the occasion if it sold from my website first but most times if I ever list ebay these days they sell quite quickly so haven’t had any problems…If you mention it in the auction description, there is really no way anyone can complain if you have to pull your auction…they were warned …Plus, if they did really want it, many times you can flip them over to a custom order…had many double sales that way so 2 sales for the advertising of one…:smile:

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