Reborn haul

So you sell a doll what do you do?

A. Make nice fat credit card payment.
B. Save it for a rainy day.
C. Make a minimum payment and go shopping.

Well… (Shame face) bought a pile of baby blankets and sponges. It was a dumb and dumber moment but it was a really good sale, I hate shopping so I am good on blankets for a while, indent preformatted text by 4 spaces


Lovely buys!

Lol! I know that feeling! Oops, hubby, my bank card just slipped into the machine and wow, look at what it bought me! Such a good little card!

Plus now I have a daughter who is pregnant and we find out what it is in two weeks hopefully. In the meantime, I can shop, right? I’ll just use the extra stuff for the wrong sex on dolls. After all, they are on sale!

The money from sale goes to my “doll account” and as I put some money in, I have an excuse to go shopping on line, and usually end up spending 2x the money I made LOL