Reborn expecting plus Berengeur sleepover- YAY!

I have a baby coming next week sometime and I’m very excited!!! I will be sure to post pics when she arrives😊in the meantime, my friend said her baby could sleepover to make the wait a little easier. She is so cute- she’s the one I asked about a few weeks ago, Sucky Lip, lol! It’s nice to have a friend who likes dolls too and is excited about the one coming. And we can talk about this stuff and not get eye rolls from family😏but when my daughter saw them together, she said, I have to admit, that’s pretty cute💕


A sleep over is such a nice idea, good friend, sweet babies!

Awww, so sweet! How fun to have a friend like that!

Yeah, especially since I told my husband and he said" now that is just sad." I’m not telling them anything anymore.

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Aw, how cute is that xxx

Oh wow how adorable. I know the feeling my neighbor has two babies. We also share the love of reborn babies. Yet family think im crazy…lol but i dont care.

Haha that is SUPER adorable!

Sweet idea…!

That is awesome is always nice to have someone who shares you hubby.