Reborn care sheet?

so ive read on peoples actions that they include a care sheet … what would you put on a care sheet?

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I will get you a copy of my care sheet asap. Hub by has to boot his computer up and email it to me so it is on this computer.

This is my letter. I change it a bit almost every time I send out a baby to reflect the baby and the customer. It’s adaptable to even a child’s PlayBaby Reborn.

Congratulations! You now have someone very special that will be forever a little baby and bring you much comfort and happiness. I want to share with you some baby care tips that will make the care of your little one easier.

Moisture will damage your baby and all vinyl dolls. You can spot clean them with a soft barely damp cloth. Never scrub the vinyl and only spot clean the body. After you spot clean the body, please allow them to sit without clothes to completely dry. If something happens and you want him cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out let me know and I will disassemble him and do a cleaning and put him back together. (Cindy’s Day Spa) To clean dust from the eyes, use a small, soft bristled, artist’s paintbrush to gently wipe the dust away. Wet the paintbrush then blot it dry on a cloth. Very little moisture is needed. Be very careful with the eyelashes.

Never leave your baby in direct sunlight. In time this will turn your baby, and all vinyl dolls, yellow. Also, extreme heat can cause damage over time. Your baby should be kept in a well-ventilated area. Do not store your baby in plastic.
Moisture and sunlight damage can take years to surface.

Your baby has a modified pacifier. It is magnetic and care must be taken around computers and friends and family with pacemakers.

Your little boy has rooted mohair. Every time it has been dampened it has been with a spray of ½ water and ½ baby hair conditioner. It can be lightly sprayed whenever you want it to be easier to control. Comb very gently. This 50/50 mix is in the tiny spray bottle included in his accessories. When you run out and need more you can purchase 'Soft & Beautiful Just for Me! 2-in-1 Conditioning Detangler from Walmart or some grocery stores. It is in a pink bottle with a purple top. =) As you dress and undress the baby protect the hair with your hand if necessary. Dragging clothes over the hair can cause it to snarl and may break it.

Reborn babies are not intended for young children. Rub marks due to hitting the floor and wall are very difficult to remove. Their body, though strong, should be handled very carefully. The limbs and joints should never be stressed. You should care for your reborn as gently as you would a real baby.

I then add a personal note reflecting past conversations with the customer and sign and date with my name and nursery.
Feel free to use what you want and change as needed to work for you. I found several different ones online long ago and used bits and pieces from all of them.


thank you ladies ill have to use yours as a guid so that i can make my own! any and all tips are welcome and appreciated

What a great idea! Love it!

Thank you for the tips on making a care sheet!