Reborn artists, how do you choose your keepers?

Hi there! I’m new to the BB Forum but only semi-new to reborning. So far I’ve repainted four babies, and I’m learning with each one. My latest reborn was the Faith kit by Heather Boneham. I got the kit intending to reborn and then sell as a boo boo baby (considering I’m still learning). Mostly because space is limited and I just can’t keep every repaint (or strip over and over again). So of course I fell in love with him, and he’s become a forever baby.

I think it was because I noticed a significant improvement in my painting. Or perhaps it was because I loved/hated how I did his hair and I wasn’t confident enough to sell him as is. Plus he’s super adorable. XD

Anyways! I was wondering how other artists (professional and amateur) decided on which babies to sell and which to keep in their own personal collection. Do you purposely pick kits you don’t like so that way you won’t be tempted to keep them? Or do you get kits you like just in case the babies stay in your home longer than expected?

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My first keeper was intended to be one from the start because I love the kit. My second keeper was a surprise. She was made to sell but I fell in love with her during the painting process and I just can’t part with her, yet, if ever.


I still don’t have a “keeper”.

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My first one is my keeper and he was meant to be. He is one I did in memory of my baby son, Branden that was stillborn 19 years ago He would be considered a booboo baby too, but I love him so that is all that matters.

I have only painted 3 babies so far. I did sell my second one already and I plan to see my 3rd once he is finished. I just do not have a lot of time with work, school, and everyday life to spend making babies…although I would love to!

Even though my second reborn was not my favorite it was still hard for me to pack her up once she sold LOL. Especially after sitting in my living room and so cute looking LOL.

Here is a picture of my first and my keeper baby all dressed in his sailor outfit for Summer.

Have a great night!


When I first started I wanted to keep them all…ha! I had a rule for myself when I first started out. ALL my babies got listed once. If there was one I particularly liked, hubby agreed that if it did not sell first time up I could keep it…(Unfortunately the ones I liked best, so did others so I never got to keep any for years) So now, if I really love a kit, I just buy 2 of them and paint them at the same time…then I can keep the one I like best and sell the other and I don’t feel guilty for keeping one…It does get lots easier after you have done a heap of them though…I am a bit over 550 sales at the moment so it would take a new house to have housed all those…lol


I only buy kits I like, and for a long time I planned to keep every one I started, but by the time I finished it, I thought I can do better with the next and I sold it. I still paint each one with the option of keeping it, but after making around 200 it would be naive to think I will keep every one, so unless I am absolutely smitten they get listed on eBay.


I fall in love with most of the kits but when I start a new one I am usually able to part with the last one. I keep most of my boo-boo babies or ones I am dissatisfied with in the hopes that I will fix them someday, but the new kits get my attention so they sit. I recently got Katie-Marie for my birthday and intend to make her for myself but who knows. I may be ready to part with her too when I move on from there. (The problem with this is that when people want to see my babies, I have to show pix because all I have is boo-boo babies and they are not representative of what I can do.)


My first reborn was Jaden. I really like how she turned out. I’ll keep her always just because she was my first. I wasn’t planning to keep any more. Then I saw Bibo by Luciana Miglioranzi and had to have her. Can’t part with her. Then I did Heather and she looks like my son did when he was little. You can’t sell your kids, right? lol. And then there was Soairse. She totally won my heart and won’t be going anywhere. So far, those are my only keepers but I have a Harper kit that I haven’t started yet. I skipped meals to get her I wanted her so badly. So, if I’m honest, she’s probably not going anywhere either.


Helen, you’ll have to keep a good one to show off!

Someone had suggested keeping the current baby until the next one was born, then sell the older one. I really like that idea. It helps when you feel you can’t part with them and also gives you something of your current work as a showcase.


Thank you all so much for replying! All of your replies have been very helpful and reassuring! :smile:

@AmyR777 Thank you for the welcome! And I’m glad I’m not the only one!

@pia Any particular reason?

@colee1970 Aww I’m sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful way to remember him by. He is adorable! :heart: That’s a good idea, to wait until you’re done to see if they’re a keeper or not.

@westernstarr Yep I know that feeling. Hmm…the two kits idea sounds like the best plan - and definitely no guilt! It’s a shame that the ones you liked best were snatched up, otherwise that would have been a great method for choosing keepers too!

@nimlet Oh definitely! I really do admire the professionally painted reborns too, but I’m finding that I actually prefer a bit less “realism” in my paintings - and since I’ve liked what I made so far it works out nicely for me. :blush: I’ll try to focus on sending my “sellers” home with little goodies, imagining them with their new mommy/daddy and hopefully that will help, thanks!

@ludmila Well that certainly keeps you improving then! Hmm…smitten, I think that’s the perfect way to describe it too! I definitely was smitten with my reborn painting.

@honojane Ah! That makes sense to hold onto your boo boo babies, especially when you plan on fixing them up. Maybe you could keep a gallery of your sold babies and direct people there to see your best work in addition to seeing your “current” babies. Though Amy’s suggestions were really good too! :smile:

@jeanhai chuckles That sounds like that will be my story too! :wink:

@october Oh goodness! But what a wonderful way to showcase all of your creations! One day I hope I have that much room! I’ve already started clearing out another shelf to make more room… :heart:


@Azael - I just don’t see myself as a collector. Perhaps one day I will paint one that I can’t part with and keep it? So far, I regret having sold Tate and Peyton Pigott.

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Pia, Im with you, not a collector. I ma ke quite a few for my daughters though. I keep hesitating about selling my Ofelia. So cute.


I wouldnt sell her either she is just tooo cute!

I love the pic of Ofelia hiding behind the tree. Very cute!

@pia Ah I see! I would definitely consider myself a collector, so that might explain some of it.

@adutt Your Ofelia is such a cutie! I wouldn’t be able to part with her either! :heart: