Really does not make sense to me

this really does not make sence to me can anyone figure out what they mean. like its not even a reborn and if it was then it would not be “great for children” lol.

I have no idea! I’d stay away from it.

ya i thougt like wow a reborn for 70$ what is up with that and i thought i should look at it and its one of those you got to be kidding me moments

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Target is currently advertising their play dolls as ‘reborn baby dolls’. What’s up with that?!

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These are the old Berenguer dolls that started the reborning in the first place many years ago. They are already weighted with poly pellets, and we used to take them apart, strip the paint, and use acrylic paint to reborn them. Their heads are hard as a rock so wigs were used. I still have a few in my stash, but will never do them. Guess everyone is trying to get in on using the term of reborning very loosly.

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It was called “reborning” when the Berenguer dolls were being used long ago, before all these fancy kits started coming out. So if the person selling this doll did in fact paint it and whatever else she’s advertising, wouldn’t it technically be a reborn doll?

Some folks make reborn dolls specifically for children, they’re called playborns. Lots of folks on this forum make them. SO yes, there are reborn dolls that are great for children.


Target is now advertising their play dolls as ‘reborn baby dolls’. What’s up with that?!

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I disagree with you. I think they are supposed to be like what we call “play dolls” with less detail, but designed for kids to have so they can be collectors too. My cousins love my dolls and have always asked to hold them, and they are really good with them (but they don’t like how heavy they are)
Kids like my cousins are super responsible and appreciative of their toys (as in they make them last and treat them with care). I would let my cousins have one of my reborns to role play with. Just my opinion…

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Well said.

I normally sell my dolls for $70.

I do a young collectors series…have been doing it for about 4 years now…It is an actual quality reborn doll, just done a bit lighter weight wise and the mohair is more sparsely rooted and I only use yearling or adult mohair on them for easier care reason…I make them from mostly BB kits for cost puposes and sell them cheaper that my regular reborns- I came up with the idea for those because I had lots of ladies wanting reborns for their young daughters who they said were very ‘careful’ with the reborns and wanted ‘real reborns’ for themselves but the parents didn’t want to pay the higher collectors prices…They are not what I would call a playborn like some of the ladies do on here but they are a nice quality doll for a young lady wanting to start a collection so I guess there are several different levels of reborning that will cater to all ages… :smile:

here are a couple example of my Young Collector Series dolls just so you can see that they are still hugh quality - just were cheaper to make so cheaper to sell… :smile:


Starr, your cheaper play dolls look better than some “quality” reborns…lol.


Sydster, the Target dolls I’m referring to are on their website. They are standard manufactured baby dolls that have had nothing done to them. I’m just not clear on how they can call them reborns because there is nothing ‘reborn’ about them.

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Hahaha Thanks Michele…I try to make sure that if a young lady wants to start collecting she has a good experience the first time so she will want to continue…lol :smile:


I think it’s the same as calling a paint by numbers kit a “hand painted masterpiece”. No one who knows anything is fooled. Target just wants to sell dolls and it’s nice to know that they think the word reborn can help sell dolls. Still, I wouldn’t want people to start calling any old cheap doll a reborn. Not much can be done about it though. I don’t think the word reborn has ever been formally defined.

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That’s kind of like what I want to do. I don’t think my babies will ever be high quality reborns, ha. But I can cater to the “littles” of the community here. How do you make them lighter weight but still have the baby able to sit up right? That’s one of my big problems.

Yes, I’ve seen that. I think some people have been lookin on their website for reborn dolls, and so maybe they think that attaching that name oto a doll will help sell them? Other than that, I have no idea why they are putting that word on a doll that we do not define as a “reborn”

I remember a few years ago, back in the early 2000s, when you said Reborns, people thought you were talking about Lee Middleton dolls (even though she never referred to them as reborn, they were some of the most realistic vinyl dolls before reborning became so popular.) so I think like Helen mentioned, most people who are really interested in reborns will know the difference…Just the uninitiated will be confused and to be honest, those people usually done’t have enough interest to research it anyway…of if they do…they will learn quickly…

Hahaha love it…Perfect comparison…lol :smile:


Well good thing there is no hair on the baby so it’s good for those teething toddlers! :joy: haha!

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I was thinking that same exact thing !!!

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