Realborn Ruby Awake Flange Update

So for those of you that also had flange issues and were considering gluing them like I did, I just thought I’d give you a heads up, they did not hold. The e-6000 held up for several weeks, but Ruby’s head popped right off when I checked it again this morning :frowning:

Here is what I’ve tried-

  1. Locktite Vinyl Glue: peeled right off, never held
  2. Super glue: cracked off the first time I tried to move a limb
  3. Gorilla Glue: Never held in place after dry
  4. HH-66 Vinyl cement: Peeled right off the ring, exactly the same as the locktite vinyl glue
  5. E-6000: Held for 3-4 weeks then peeled away from rings

So I don’t know what else to try at this point, but just wanted to let you guys know in case someone had glued and sold the baby. I’m glad I waited to sell her since I would have needed to refund the customer for a broken part with absolutely no way to fix. I’m wondering about flexible rings or something that you could sew the limb to, but at this point I’ll probably just keep her as a display baby or something :frowning:


Hmmmm. That is annoying. You glued rings to her limbs and neck… all of them came off.

Do you have liquitex matte gel? I think that is what I would try.

As of right now only the head came off, but I’d be willing to bet more will follow. Yes, I used plugs in all her limbs and head to try to get some more stability after being unsuccessful without plugs. Then I had to glue the rings to her limbs and head and they were too flat to stay in even the smallest rings I could get on. So they are just popping back out of the rings, which stay securely in the body :confused:

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I do have liquitex matte gel, and some ultra matte. That’s actually a good idea that I hadn’t thought of, even though I use it to seal hair and have used it to secure magnets when I’ve run out of e-6000. I’ll probably clean off the rest of the e-6000 and giver it a try.


I wonder if @bbsupport knows some of the flanges are not holding?

I just got Ruby so I will make sure I check it all before selling for sure.


I think they do, well I’m not sure actually. I personally didn’t contact them about it. I thought a couple of other people had said they did. Maybe I should let them know, at the time I didn’t because I had already painted her before realizing and figured they’d offer a replacement or refund, but thought I could fix it so would still be able to sell the baby.


They know. I tagged them on a different post asking about it. I think it was about 3 year old June. I asked if they had addressed the flange issues. They totally ignored my question. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I just bought milliput for a different idea I have and may use that to build up the flange if I have to.

But the factory should add a better “lip” on their molds.


It’s really odd, because most of the sculpts do have perfect flange lips (that sounds really dirty somehow), I had a problem with a couple other new factory babies but they were like one limb’s flange was almost flat, but the others were normal. What is milliput,? I can Google it I guess, I’ve just never heard of it.


a 2 part epoxy putty that hardens like a plastic once mixed and dry. You can shape it and sculpt it before it hardens (I havent worked with it yet though so no personal experience to share just info from videos I have seen)

I’ll have to check it out, that would definitely be something I’d be into. I love love plastisol and resin, attempting silicone. A moldable resin would be so useful, especially for you with the alternative additions and such you add.

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We got it at hobby lobby.
But I have a cold and my kids’ schools start next week so I havent even opened it yet :wink: lol

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