Realborn Reese prototype

Another Realborn is coming lol


I wonder if so many babies were born in a row or if there’s another reason why they’re coming out so quickly after one another. New techniques maybe?
He’s a cutie!

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Woohoo lol

Me thoughts exactly :grinning: @EnchantedOrphanage

Reminds me of Asher!


Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s hard to say yay/nay based on a prototype. I judge kits based on the blanks and BB has been slow to put them up.

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I actually can see some resemblance to Asher…in my opinion Realborn Quinn also reminds me a bit of Asher

I haven’t seen this one mentioned in the Gallery as of yet , they do have pretty much all of the blanks up now except for Landon and Madison from what I have seen for the others.

They added him to the gallery, just not the blanks.


And he’s 20". Bigger than the little 18" munchkins they have had recently.

I don’t want this one a blank won’t change my mind I don’t think but I will see when they are up , I don’t want Miranda awake either .

i like the kit. he reminds me of asher, too. he’s one of my favorites.

Okay the blanks are up and looks more like Asher than Asher. Perfect. lol Now I can get this one to be a twin for my Asher Awake.

I love the way bountiful baby listens to us! All the realborn kits are up now! Yay!

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