Realborn paint question

Can someone please tell me if GHSP will work on the realborn kits? I want to try to make a realborn baby. I have been making the regular kits but want to try a realborn baby. Thank you


It’s made with the same vinyl. So, yes it would work the same way as the regular BB kits.

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Yes, you can. Realborns are “regular kits”. The only difference is that Realborns kits are “created” from 3D scans of a real baby and other kits are hand sculpted by an sculptor/artist but there’s no difference when they are produced in vinyl if you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

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They’re made of the exact same vinyl, so yes, you can. There’s no difference in the reborning process.

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Yes. It’s all vinyl. GHSP will work on all vinyl doll kits.