Realborn kits?

I know Presley Asleep sold out in a day, but the rest of the Realborns haven’t sold out yet and they’ve been realeased for months now…I thought last fall the website said there were only 175 Presley Awake’s left, yet now it’s late July and still hasn’t sold out. Not complaining obviously, (more time for us to get them), just curious. :slight_smile: Any opinions?

I haven’t actually noticed which is probably because I’m not looking :laughing: but that is a bit curious. Maybe he’s just selling slowly for some reason? I guess that could be it. Are you thinking of getting one sometime, izzy?

I’m not sure…I keep telling myself they’ll just release a new one that’s a lot cuter and I’ll regret it lol.


I know what that’s like. I’d probably wait, too, just to be on the safe side.

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I saw the Presley AWAKE “sold out” that time …then I bought from Ebay (more expensive), then weeks later, the dolls came back in stock !!! so sad…

How do you know how many kits they have left? I have seen that on BB website. Only dolls so real.

No don’t buy Presley!! You will have one soon!!

That’s me too :blush::blush::blush:

Aw, thanks Leslie. Did you see my PM though? :wink: