Realborn® Kase Asleep Prototype by Marie Gambus - On eBay Now!

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Bountiful Baby Realborn® Kase Asleep - Prototype by Marie Gambus on eBay Now!
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I am liking this one, but I have Miracle and Harley coming in the next week and still have about 25 kits in the closet and NO time to do any of them. I am going to pass on Kase right now.

I think I like Kase best of all.

So I’m not sure if anyone noticed the changed the PIXS around for Asher awake an Kase does anyone know if Kase is gonna be realeased before Asher? Hopefully not until next week I had 2 preorders Leelou an Harley the invoices was right after the other I got my Harley I thought his limbs would be fatter he’s kinda skinnier then I thought he would be but I love closed eye babies I would like to get Kase but may have to pass if he comes out in the next few days or Asher whatever one is being realeased first I wish they could give us like a time frame