Realborn Johanna asleep crumbly patch on head?

There is a patch on the side of johannas head and it appears to be cracking it’s inside the head and feels different from the rest of the vinyl what should I do. I dotn think I’ll be able to root her as this patch might crack even more I live in another country so it’s not like I can get another kit from bountiful baby

Oh wow. :frowning: Are you able to get a picture?

Is it for sure part of the head vinyl and not an extra bit that might have been left behind?

(personally I think the factories have been using inferior vinyl mixes to try to get by and it has caused more issues and cracks. I feel this way after seeing that they will be closed down for 2 months waiting for the right materials before reopening)

I’ll try to take a pic but I dont know if it will show up

It feels like a weaker area as well so I dont think it will take rooting very well

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It’s a shame because shes a beautiful kit

I wouldnt root it.
I would return it, but being in a different country that might be hard.
Do you have vinyl putty? Maybe covering that with it would work (Not sure)
Or keep it for a practice head and buy a new head…

Is the part above it cracked too?

I just got a cracked Kiwi turtle and a cracked belly plate with my Ashia Eagles kit.
The turtle has cracks in the flanges on the head and 2 flippers and the shell.

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No they arent cracks they are just bits of vinyl I found in the head. I took some of it out and it was dry and crumbly


Oh I’m sorry to hear that yes it is very frustrating I just dont know what to do. Shipping will cost a bit since I’m not in the USA and i didnt buy this kit from bountiful baby I brought it from a separate website

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Is it for sure a legit website? (if not that might explain the odd marks inside or crumbly vinyl bits)

Tbh this has really put me off reborns and I’m thinking about properly selling all my supplies and giving up. If the manufacturers dont care about the quality of the product then who will?

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Yes it is it’s called ukrebornkits they say so on their website that they are real and also have got the certificate and name on the flange

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Would it be advisable to sell this kit but at a much reduced cost and tell the customer about it

Would the site you ordered from replace it?

A long time ago I bought a seconds kit that had a cracked vinyl lump like that inside the head. That was the only thing wrong with it. I use air dry paints so I wasn’t concerned about heating it. I did root mine but I root a little differently than most people. I don’t heat the heads. I fill them with polypellets up to the neck flange, then pack them in tightly with paper towels. It keeps the vinyl from ‘giving’ so there’s less bending and breaking of needles. I was able to root through the lump but mine didn’t have all those smaller areas.

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I dont think so to be honest with you but I could ask


It wouldn’t hurt to ask. It’s a BB kit.

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Though in saying that I may just go to bountiful baby directly and see what they can do about it first

Maybe it’s a seconds kit?