Realborn Jade and June

Both are NB size. Jade seems bigger. Love their limbs and expressions.

Scrumptious kits :purple_heart:


Really liking Jade’s feet! They look so realistic even in the blank kit. They both are cuties.


Your right with the realism. I love tootsies.


I Just got Jade today but haven’t had the chance to look her over. My June is my favorite realborn. My 1st granddaughter looked like her.


After reading about June’s limbs i decided to pull her out. Mind you she isn’t filled, but yes her arms are quite different I have a body with the arm caps , I might give them a shot Zuri and Lalia kits have different features but look alike to me.June has the cutest expression. I missed out on the Jade sale.

I think caps help- not this exact body it’s too big.(22in riley)

@ChrissiesCuties-what body did you use for June?


I’m using BB body recommended for her. For me personally, the caps will make her arms stick out.

Jade will go back on sale before you know it.


I love Jades legs

I agree with @ChrissiesCuties, that cap gives her too much of a shoulder, the recommended body looks much better to me. I don’t see anything wrong with her arms??!! Looks to me like they are made to lay across her body.

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Yeah she’ll look like a little lumberjack. I think if she’s posed right it’ll be OK, she looks ok in the pics when finished.