Realborn Darrens nose

I’m just about to start micro rooting Darren, and in mapping his head just realised and noticed that Darrens nose is way off, it bends to the right, so the outside of the right side of his nose sits under the corner of his right eye but sits quite a bit before the left eye corner, in other words his lower part of his nose is offset to the middle of his face. Now I’ve seen it, it’s very noticeable

I got multiple Darren heads as test heads. I just checked them. They are all that way. But if you look at his mouth, he has it twisted a tiny bit to the right. That makes his phithrum twist a little too along with his nose. It looks to me like a natural result of how he’s holding his mouth.


yeah I see that with his mouth, though when you do that with your mouth it doesn’t affect your nose but it’s not too far off, I can live with it hehe
Mind you just after my 2nd son was born, his nose was pushed in, and came out within the day hehe tight fit.

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how do you get test heads, I would love to practice hair painting but haven’t been able to get hold of any heads to practice on

I just checked my son who has a button nose. His moves when his mouth moves.


oh ok, well that must be it then

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You just have to watch the site. I just happened to catch them in stock. It’s extremely random. When they do list them, they sell out within minutes.


cool thanks for that :slight_smile: and the other info

Watch this forum too. When people catch the heads in stock they usually post it on here.

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Thanks :slight_smile: