Realborn body sizes

Im thinking of buying the Realborn Zuri sleeping and Laila Sleeping… i was just wondering what size body i should buy because of them being 18" when completed and what size clothing they wear once completed

I have a blank Laila and Zuri for sale! They are both newborn size. I’m selling them for $43 plus shipping each. They both come with their COA and the correct body. Payment must be made through PayPal friends and family. If you prefer to use goods and services, a 3% fee will be added on. Message me if interested!:heart:

All bodies that BB recommends are on the kit page.

I use the body they recommended for each and Zuri wears newborn as does Laila. Just finished a Zuri. She is darling. And Laila is a fave. Can’t go wrong with either of those girls.