Re-supplies Bb

Can you wonder like me, when the bb kits will come back in stocks. There are a lot of kits unavailable from almost a year.

Is this a BB issue only or it is the same at other sites? I wonder the same. Doesn’t seem like general stores are having an issue. However, I ordered a garage door from home depot and it’s not a custom either. They said it’ll take 4-6wks but if I order it from a local garage company they have it in stock. Crazy how this prolonged pandemic affects supplies at different retailers.


You’re killing me, smalls.

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We are not really sure when each kit will be restocked. Subscribe to the email notification on the page of the kit you want and they will email you when it comes back in stock. And if you’re looking for a certain kit, post in the “For Sale/Wanted” category. Many of us have extra kits, we might have the one you are looking for. :slight_smile:


It’s due to the pandemic, so nothing is entirely certain.
But there is some info on the website.


They have been out of 18" bodies too. Do y’all use 19" bodies instead?