Re-rooting or a wig?

First. I’m not happy with my toddler "Kitten"s wig. It was ok at first, now couple years later i dont like it anymore. Wig is Kemper Mikayla. I’m thinking to buy a new wig for her. Maybe fullcap (i didnt like partial cap). I was thinking maybe Kemper Ellie wig (Any pictures?). Any other suggestions?

Now its even worse.

Second. I’m totally tired of rooting. My first reborn is… Oh, well… Needs re-rooting or a wig. With my third reborn i thought i was a bit better at rooting, but it was still very difficult (and my mohair wasn’t very good, i think). So should i re-root this baby girl or buy a wig, or wear hat forever? :smiley: Any ideas? And what i’m doing wrong… It’s very hard to get any hair go in. I have holes in the head wheres not any hair. Or should i try a wig (maybe kemper cassidy)?

This is my first one.

And my third one here. My best, but not perfect hair. I’m not going to do anything about it though…

Sorry i couldn’t find good pictures of hair (only got here pictures, what i got online).

I would prefer some help. I also know, that my dolls are not perfect. Trying my best. I’m also sorry if my english is not perfect.

Try the other wig. They can look very nice on Toddler sized dolls. As for the rooting, relax! It takes time to learn to root. Just practive, watch videos, etc. You’ll get better.

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Try the JESSICA. Wig on kitten!!! :heart:

Welcome to the forum! Your babies are cute. The last one is adorable! I’ve never used a wig so I’m no help there. Rooting does take a while to conquer. Hang in there.