Raw sienna or yellow white 08

Happy holidays! I am wondering whic of these is a better color for neutralizing skin tones? what is the differenve between these co,ors? I have never actually seen them, just colors on my screen. What do yall use thses colors for if other than neutralizing? Thank you for your help:-)

I am a bit confused by your question regarding what the two colors (raw sienna or “yellow white 08”) have to do with neutralizing vinyl, but if you are asking what they look like, I can say that Raw Sienna is a brownish red. I don’t know what to tell you about “yellow white 08” as I have never heard of that one, but if you mean Flesh 08, that is just one of a series of fleshtones offered by BB for painting the reborns. It is a generic pinkbased “fleshtone” and you can see photos of those colors on BB’s site in the supply section.

As for neutralizing the vinyl colors, I think most would agree there is no one “recipe” for color as each vinyl can be individual…some vinyl has more pink tones, some more orangey, and some have been gray - so there is no one recipe. First you must determine which color original vinyl you have, and what color in that vinyl needs to be neutralized.

So for instance, if you have too much pink tones, you might want to use an appropriate shade of green wash (look opposite your color wheel); a blue wash to neutralize an orangey tone and somewhere on BB’s forum, there are lots of “recipes” for neutralizing the gray tones, although I think that vinyl is long since gone. Oh, and make them light washes of color so that don’t become sludgey on the vinyl. What you are looking to do when neutralizing the vinyl is to achieve a good base tone upon which you can start your painting.

Maybe if you post a photo of the pieces you are working with, it might be easier to offer help.

I sure hope this is helpful