Raw mohair for sale $4.00 for ziploc bag full

I have more mohair than I can use and if you ladies would like to try dyeing your own, I have some for sale. I will stuff a quart size ziploc bag full and ship it to you for $4.00. I will also include some rubberbands to band the ends which makes it so much easier to comb out and keep the cut end seperate. This is from my whether’s 2nd clipping. It is wavy mohair and some of the tips are straight. If you cut from the tips, you can have very soft straight mohair. Thanks,

I am pm’ing you right now.

Thanks ladies for your interest. I just wanted to make sure that my idea of raw mohair is the same as everyone’s. It is fresh from the goat raw mohair! LOL! It will need to be washed in hot soapy water before it is dyed. I just wash mine in dawn dish soap a couple of times. I usually pull the locks apart and rubberband the ends and then wash them. It is so much easier to work with if the cut end is banded. Please don’t feel bad about changing your mind if you don’t want it because it is dirty. I won’t be offended. I just got to thinking that maybe people wouldn’t realize this and I don’t want anyone thinking they were duped! If interested, you can send payment by paypal or mail me a check. Just send me a pm. Thanks, Melissa

This mohair is white and it works great to dye with tea or coffee. It will turn out a natural or honey blond color with tea or coffee. When I dye mohair with tea or coffee, I just make it really strong and put the mohair in it while it is still hot and let it set for 30 minutes.

I just packaged up a bag of mohair and it weighed 3 3/8 ounce. The oil, dirt and vegtable matter in the raw mohair adds weight but I would guess after washing, you would have at least 2 ounces of mohair to dye. Thanks, Melissa