Quick opinions. Owen or Kimberly

Hi ladies!
I need a quick opinion. I decided to purchase a new kit for my mothers reborn. and I can’t decide between Kimberly or Owen. Thoughts? Who do you think would make a cuter girl? Any opinions on the details on them? Who would you choose?


I like Owen better… but am not 100% sure what kind of girl he’d make. I think someone here did one though… can’t remember who.

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I vote Owen!

Here’s an Owen that I did as a girl.


So cute!!!
I like Kimberly, but her mouth…it just bothers me SO much! It’s so tiny.


I think that was my problem with Kimberly too, @taylorsgirl.

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It stinks because other than her mouth, I love her.
I may just wait a few days and see who else goes up for sale price…I have a mental picture of what I want my mom’s doll to look like, and I don’t want to choose the wrong sculpt.


Ditto. Real Kimberly doesn’t have that problem, I didn’t think. But dolly does. I think Owen is cuter overall

Owen makes a cute girl :heart:


I have done both as girls. I prefer Owens mouth over Kimberlys other than that they both make adorable girls.


Owen!! I just received him from BB and I am in love :two_hearts:

I love Owen!!!