Questions about bodies

I am wondering how many people are interested in different bodies? I have Chelle’s pattern, for those who are familiar with it. I was going to spend some time maybe making bodies, but have to order supplies. I am thinking $12 shipped. I may be able to have some made out of flannel, white and flesh. Sizes range from 14 inch to 22 inch. I have a pattern for the 26 inch quads that I designed myself. That would be $15 shipped. It would have caps on the arms and legs. Chelle’s pattern attaches the legs in the front. There is a tuck across the belly which allows it to site. Here is a picture of Sienna modeling her body. This is basically a survey to decide if I think this is something I want to do. If you think you would be interested, please post or pm me what sizes you might want and how many. Thanks much, ladies. I am also willing to take trades.

I have trimmed the butt cheeks so they don’t stick out quite as much and I have altered the arm cap so it’s not so puffy.

Anyone else having trouble? They come up for me.

I think would be great! Is the body you’re showing made for a doll that has full legs?