Question regarding Cozy head and limbs size


I have a quick question for you ladies. I have a customer who wants.Cozy with full arms and legs.

Would her head work on 18 or 19 inch full limbs? The site says she is 21 inches but finding inexpensive 21 inch limbs is harder than I though. And I don’t want to purchase a whole kit just to get stuck with a head with no limbs.


Cozy head with some Sadie limbs beside her own limbs - Sadie on the inside, Cozy on the outside. Sadie is 18 inches.

Cozy’s limbs are pretty small and skinny, so you might be able to make it work.


That looks like it will work. Thank you!!!

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Any time!!! :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say good luck I hated that kit, to me he looks like a little old man lol.


Haha. He isn’t my favorite but my customer insisted. I tried so hard to talk her out of it. Lol!!!

You sure aren’t gonna miss those eyebrows! :joy::wink: that is the first kit I’ve seen with the brow bone out in your face like that! Such a cute face though.

Cozy is one of my faves! :heart:

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You can always make a cuddle baby out of the head!!

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