Question on international shipping

Just educating myself…yep, still here, learning slowly and too shy/lack of confidence to show my learning in progress lol. Anyway, I see a lot of sellers saying they won’t ship internationally, and I just wondered why? Most of them say buyer pays actual shipping, so I am not sure what the reasoning would be. I also saw some specifically state they ship internationally but not to Mexico…again just wondering what the problems are around that?

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I don’t know why. It’s not more complicated than ship locally. I know some country are more hazardous to ship to, like Mexico. It’s the only place my parcel (not a reborn) took more than 12 weeks to arrive. Postal service can tell you which country to avoid but usually there are no problem.

It IS harder for some of us. I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to a post office that deals with international shipping. Our small rural post offices don’t deal with customs forms. So by the time it’s said and done, that’s nearly 2 hours out of my day to ship a package internally. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Shipping international is more work and more nervewracking for sellers. As for shipping to some countries and not others, I am one of those. I dont ship to China and I dont ship to Brazil anymore. With amount of stolen sculpts that come from there, I wanted to do my part to try to help protect our sculptors. Is me not selling to those countries making a difference? Probably not but it helps me ease my mind about it. I dont get many requests to ship there anyway. Other reasons artists may not ship to certain places could be that they have had a bad experience in the past with it.

Ah ok, wasn’t aware you could ship internationally only from certain post offices. @Kate I do things like that…they may be a drop in the bucket, but they ease my conscience!

Did you tried to do it online? I saw that they have customs form online.