Question for BB: Biracial Kits


Just wondering how you decide which kits will be available in the biracial color? Is it based on customer demand or just random? And…any chance of “Rowan” being available in biracial vinyl? fingers crossed

Jessica, actually in my opinion it isn’t necessary to have vinyl in a “bi-racial” color - and actually the paints do a far better job on the neutral vinyls to create beautiful ethnic babies of ALL shades. I have tried both vinyls and the colors come truer on the peach vinyls whether I am doing AA, or hispanic, or asian or caucasian. What I’ve found is when you begin with the darker vinyl, you have to lighten it up anyway in order to achieve certain tonal shadings such as palms and soles of the feet. You can make ANY of these kits any shade of flesh you choose, without waiting for darker vinyl.

Just take a look at some of the most beautiful work right here on BB – the dolls that Deanna Flynn (Nicholas, Hailey & Rowan) did for BB were beautifully done, and Marlen, well she has created so many beautiful dolls like Chloe from Anne Timmerman and many Reva Schick dolls that are stunningly finished and they began as neutral vinyls.

So go for it! Pick any kit you like and give it a try. There are tons of tutorials now online where you can get tips (pm me & I’ll send you some links) & I’m sure people here can also give you tips on where to begin. You can use test pieces until you get the hang of it - it’s not hard!