Question about the size of limbs on Nellie Brace

I am looking for a kit with full limbs that I can use the limbs for another head. I need limbs for a smaller size 19 inch kit. So has anyone done Nellie Brace? And are her limbs on the smaller or bigger side? I have limbs that are for 19-20 inch babies but they are all chubbier limbs that look too big for the head.

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Who’s head are you trying to match?

Nellie is a big, Chubby baby :slight_smile: I did her recently and she was bigger than I had expected.

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There are some full limbs in the test part section…

1810 Kimberley arms for a 20 inch baby
1811 Kimberley legs for a 20 inch baby

They’re cheap enough that you could purchase them and try them out.

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Thanks for the offer. They look fairly chubby too.

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Thanks, I’ll go check them out.

Thanks for letting me know.

I am trying to match Melanie by Irina Kaplanskaya. I love her face but I think her limbs are a little big.

Macphersons has limb sets… but I guess it would be hard to know their size before purchasing…

How much would you want for Alba?

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