Question about selling silicone dolls

I’ve always thought that some day I’d like to try painting silicone. But the price of the kits have really gone up in price. Because they paid so much for the kit I see artists listing them for $3000 to $5000. My question is, are people paying that much? Is it worth it to get in to silicone or would I be sitting with a very expensive stash of dolls that are not selling.


I have only sold one partial silicone. It took some time and I sold it for 1700$ (non rooted)
I would suggest that you buy one small kit, maybe with booboo or a beginner sculpt to see if you like it first. Silicone painting is not for everyone.
If you really enjoy it, try a less expensive but cute partial kit, maybe from MacPherson, and see if it sell at a good price.
I think jumping right with a high quality full body silicone for a beginner may be bad idea.


I just saw a full silicone blank for sale at macs for $1600+ I myself would love a silicone but I can’t even afford to paint one for myself lol! I can’t imagine buying a painted one! I would have to practice on lots if test babies before investing in a full size. A lot of people think that is what they want and then they see the price tag and suddenly vinyl seems like an attractive option :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Silicone is not like painting vinyl either and it’s not easy to fix mistakes and it’s fragile but I think it’s repairable unlike vinyl? :thinking:. Some of them cause there are different types some are floppy and stretchy others not so much. I know I’d be the one to buy the wrong kind :woman_facepalming:t2: Definitely something you’d need to research and probably need to have hands in experience with. My cousin wanted me to paint one for her but I turned her down cause I was so afraid I’d mess up something that cost more than my car :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Which is why my Quentin is laying in the Bassinet wrapped in plastic wrap. I hold hem every once in a while but am so scared to paint him let alone buy the things I need to paint him. :grimacing:

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I’m leaning towards it’s just not worth it.