Question about reborns feedback

So someone bought a kit on my reborns account. I gave her tracking info and her reply back was “Thank you I will leave you feedback after I receive good feedback thanks.”
So I’ve bought stuff off of reborns but I’m new at selling on there, where am I supposed to leave this feedback? I feel bad that I’ve never left feedback after purchasing items previously! Maybe I’m just blind!

It is a new thing so many of us dont have the answer. But you could write Dave in email or on the forum part of his site.

I know as a seller I can send a review request 1 time. I can see them in my orders tab

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If you go to orders you can leave a review or ask for one. You can do it on previously sold dolls.

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Also I can only ask for it for my sales after June 2020

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Me, too. That must be when that feature was implemented.

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@jeanhai & @jlesser Thank you ladies!

Is it normal to say I will leave you feedback after I receive good feedback?


I dont think so.
Seems rude to me


Ok, I did too but wasn’t sure if I was reading it right. Thank you!

“I will leave you good feedback once I receive good feedback”

That line rubs me the wrong way. If it were me, I wouldn’t leave any feedback at all.


I leave good feedback when it’s genuine. Period.


It seems weird that a buyer would ask for good feedback before providing feedback…

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Right! It rubbed me wrong too, but I was hoping I was wrong.

I agree.

It seemed weird to me too.

Thank you all!