Question about how to seal

Ok, I have dolls I have been working on that we’re finished, they can not be baked again. I am wondering how what sealer I can use to seal prisma drawn hair? :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Have you tried the delta ceramacoat indoor/outdoor sealer yet?

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I actually have that… I use it to glaze the eyes… I can use it to seal the vinyl? Also, could I use the folk art sealer?

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I’ve sealed a baby I painted with Genesis , using the delta matte sealer but I’ve seen the video of Debbie henshaw sealing with folk art matte sealer and she really liked it. Is it mate folkart that you have?


Or I guess u could use satin too to seal your prisma pencil hair, if you wanted a bit of sheen on the head

Yes, but satin has to be baked, right? I can’t bake, already glossed, and rooted. Also, am I supposed to let the prisma pencils set a couple days on the head BEFORE applying the varnish?

No I meant satin finish folkart or delta ceramacoat sealers, instead, if u have those instead of the matte folkart

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Oh! Ok, it’s good to know I can use any of those!! Thank you!

Always matte first then paint using your prismacolor pencils finally matte again. Then root if you want combo hair. You have to bake and seal the pencils or they will wipe off. Usually after baking the pencils will not come off but I seal with matte varnish just to be sure.

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I can’t bake… The doll I did hair on is finished, glossed, eyelashes, rooted top of head. I thought that prisma pencils become permanent after 24 hours?? That’s what I read somewhere…

I’m not sure. I’ve never used air dry before and I have never waited to seal them. So I can’t answer that. It wipes and smudges pretty easy when not baked or sealed so I’m not sure.

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I’m wondering now if the pencil will smudge when u put the air dry varnish on… But ppl use heat set varnish on pencils And then bake to seal the penciled hair. I have never tried sealing pencil with air dry varnish so maybe you should draw a bit on a test limb and then put a layer of air dry varnish on top and see what happens once dry? I’m thinking the ones that don’t use heat set paints and use prisma pencils, they are sealing it with air dry varnish. Id think the varnish would sandwich the pencils and it would be fine, but again, I’ve never done this myself. I did read somewhere someone does their nails with pencils And then just seals them with the bb air dry gloss to protect them.