Question about Cuddles

I’ve got a Cuddles kit that I’d like to start working on but the head seems smaller to me than the other 9 mo. sized babies – not much bigger than Lulu’s (a 3 mo. size) – so I’m wondering how it might look on a smaller body – Eden’s, maybe?

If I use the smaller body guess I’d have to use smaller arms and legs too? Not overly fond of Eden’s or Libby’s arms and legs, so I’d rather just use the ones that came with Cuddles if possible.

Thinking out loud.

I’m open to suggestions, thanks!

wouldnt hurt to try it the worst that could happen is you dont like it and have to change it again

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I’ve made one and put it on the body that’s suggested and it worked. Her head isn’t much bigger than Lulu’s but It’s just enough bigger and older looking that I’m not sure a smaller body will look right…especially if you use the limbs that came with her.

Instead of using a smaller body you can always customize the toddler body just a bit by making it a tad slimmer. I can’t remember now but I think I sewed the front and back seam in about 1/2" just so she wasn’t so chubby.

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