Question about Charlie

Did Charlie Asleep ever come out? It was supposed to be out in August according to bb but that’s all I can find other than he is sold out on the website. I obviously missed him. He is one of the few realborns that looks different from all the others, imo.

I dont think he was released yet

Oh, so there’s still a chance?:smile: I was going by the “sold out” on the retail site.

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I dont know for sure.
Hopefully he was one being remolded at the better factory.


Pretty sure he’s one of the ones they caught before they were produced in the “undesirable” factories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

RB Silvia awake and asleep
RB Shannon awake and asleep

Fingers crossed cause they are really cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They were all pretty much announced around the same time as Isabel and octavia…

RB Isabel was bad vinyl and now octavia is being produced in silicone only

There are a few more in the works if I remember right
RB Maui & RB Mitchell

And of course RB Daphne and RB Katie awake

Maybe @bbsupport could confirm🤔


I love the new asleep babies coming out. There are adorable.

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Oh i hope he’s still being released! Lol. Such a cutie! I did see a while back that Maui was going to have a silicone version… Kinda hoping they go ahead and release her in vinyl too lol.

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I still have my silicone kit sitting cause I’m terrified to ruin it so I’m hoping they release both versions cause they are all so adorable and I can’t afford to collect silicone kits :rofl::rofl::rofl: