Question about a bidder

I was wondering if anyone has dealt with guevara09? I had someone email me a warning about a bidder from the United Arab Emirates, and it just so happens that this bidder is from there. They said their friend’s auction was bid very high, and then the bidder just kept emailing lots of strange questions, no intention of paying, and thought the baby was real.

Thanks for the replies, and compliments on Arianna. Actually it is not the fact that the buyer is from the United Arab Emirates that bothers me, it’s just that I have a nagging feeling about it. This lady only has a feedback of 4, and the other things she has bought have only been for around $15.00 and under. Her emails are odd, but of course that could be the language barrier. Some of the emails are very short, and don’t make any sense. One email just simply said “what affected doll”. The lady that emailed me says she is almost sure it is probably the same person who bid on her friends doll and didn’t pay.
I may regret it, and may lose out big, but I think I will just have to go with my instinct with this one.