Quality control lacking around here?

I received my 1st quality Leilani yawning today and was a bit shocked the minute I pulled the package out and saw a big old spot on her neck before I even opened it! Thankfully I was able to remove it but this is not what I expect based on past quality control.


Was it just the black mark?

I feel like I see a big yellow stain around the flange?

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When I’ve gotten dirty ones they’ve had other issues

Yes. I think the flange just looks that way from the lighting of the stove hood bouncing off it.

Great…I didn’t see any other spots and I wiped over all pieces with alcohol to make sure there was no factory paint on it. It seemed ok…I have her in a bucket of hot soapy water right night.

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Hopefully there’s nothing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: