Purchased my first reborn from another artist**pics finally included*

Wow, insanely beautiful! Those skin tones and that hair… :heart_eyes:

What big, beautiful eyes!

OMG she is soooo precious, You are one lucky Mom. :star_struck:

Beautiful baby. Glad she finally got out of the box!

I haven’t been on this forum in quite a while. How are you?

Congratulations on your new little one she is beautiful !!

I don’t see any pictures ?

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That is strange did you scroll to the top ? she has just added them and they are a treat !

Yes, I just see a big box.

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Wow ! the picture are right there with the box now wonder why perhaps you need to clear your browser cookies ?

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I just re-log in the forum and i saw those now.

That’s a beautiful baby !

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Love her, she is beautiful!!!

She is so precious. Love her.

Thank you everyone!!