Pugs- while they're on sale

I am planning to do a pug for my niece for Christmas and want to purchase today while on sale. I was wondering if I could paint on a prepainted one to add some depth. They are so cute but kinda flat looking. I’d like to maybe use Prisma pencils to add some individual hairs. Would I be better off just purchasing the unpainted kit and starting from scratch? I’m trying to save some time as I have so much else to do between now and then.

I’ve wondered about that with the monkeys. I ended up getting the unpainted kits but haven’t taken the time to do them yet. Depending on the age of the owner, you could paint some hairs or maybe even root a few on top for hairbows, etc. Or do a magnetic ponytail on top. I saw a tutorial on how to make them on another forum and thought about the dogs having a little tuft on top.

I did order the pre-painted one so hopefully it will be okay for me to add to it. I’ll soon find out.

I am doing an unpainted Bindi right now (for another niece) and it’s not hard at all. I’m doing it the way it’s described on the Bindi’s gallery page with the orangy skin tone.