Prototype "Naomi" by Denise Pratt


Oh my goodness! She is adorable! Any idea when she will be available?


No idea. You’ll have to ask Emily :smiley:

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How adorable!

She looks like a closed eyed Grant to me. She’s really cute,

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@demonicchic12 is it just me or does she resemble your niece?

Lol, I don’t really see it with this version, But maybe I’ll see it in the blank kit or a different prototype. I think I’ve settled on a kit for her, But it would be great to have a back-up plan :slight_smile:

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She’s cute!

I thought the same thing!

You know what they say about Great Minds Karen!!

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ABSOLUTELY, LYNN! :thumbsup:

I think Denise does the best limbs and hands and feet, this is a real cutie. I wonder what size the sculpt is?

What a gorgeous little red head. She’s adorable x

I love all these new sleepers with full limbs. :heart_eyes:

She is supposed to be a limited edition. I also like her.

She is suuuuuuupper cute. I wonder what the edition size will be. :smiley: Now I’m extra anxious to see Charlotte

Totally love her & her beautiful red hair is perfection!

This one is a must have. I love what the artist did with her. Can’t wait for her to be available.

Denise also has Charlotte coming out. Here is the prototype by Marie (nursery d Marie)


I want this baby , has any one asked Emily :footprints: what date she will be available?