Prototype Johannah

This is the one I’ve been waiting for! The precious little ethnic realborn Johannah! I can’t wait to get my hands on this kit. And this prototype of her is amazing! :heart_eyes:


Is there a release date for her?

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I can’t wait for Johannah!!

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I love Jacky’s version

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I don’t know. They had a picture of the real Johannah in a flyer a while back. This is the first time I’ve seen the kit. It seems like the releases are usually a couple of months after we start seeing the prototypes pop up all over Facebook.

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Oooh. I haven’t seen Jackys. I bet it’s perfect too. :heart:

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This one is my favorite of Jacky’s :slight_smile:


Which one is this?

Jacky Kramer’s Johannah prototype on ebay now

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I knew I was feeling too well, but I didn’t know I was that dull! LOL She is good, and I also love this one by her.

I love her!!

Very beautiful! I don’t blame you

I really like this baby also, can’t wait.

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I’m so excited. I just love her .

She’s really cute, but I need to see blank kit pics before i’m convinced lol


I have to have this one!!!

Wow I cannot wait for you to get her and share her with us!