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Is anyone else having a search problem on When I try to search for Blessing I just get a list of nursery names that have the word blessing in them. When I check Adopted and Reserved Blessing does come up but mixed in with a whole bunch of other dolls.

Are you unchecking or checking the options on the right side?

I think the search bar will bring up anything with the search name in it?

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I only checked Adopted and Reserved when only one Blessing showed up. It brings up everything with the word blessing in it. I hate it. The search for what you’re looking for is so much harder. I wanted to see what other people have charged for her but none of them have prices on them so it was a fruitless search, anyway.

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I hate the search fonction.
If that could help, I sold my Blessing 410$ long ago (maybe 2 years?) And my current Blessing Awake is listed at 499$ for some time now.

Thank you.

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Yes unfortunately that’s the way Dave has it set up. If the word is anywhere in the listing it brings up that listing so you end up with a bunch of listings that are irrelevant. It even brings up listings that have that word in any part of another word. Like if you were searching bless it would bring up all listings that say blessing, blessed, blesses… It is frustrating when you are looking for a specific kit

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I remember the question being asked there a few times. Here’s one of them.

The search function just sucks. I’ve used the filters to search for reborns in the European union and it’ll show me stuff in the US.


That’s what advanced searches are for. He needs to have a regular search and one for advanced searching that brings up everything. Ugh.

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