Prisma color hair Dominic

This doll has giving me so much trouble I burned his head and managed to cover it. I think I should have been a makeup artist to cover scars lol. Think I will leave his hair like this. I would love to root hair one day but I’m not sure I’m ready yet


Wow! Seriously Amazing job!!!

Thank you. I’m just happy I could go my little boo boo’s.


Great job!! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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You fooled me it looks like real Mohair…even though I now know I still can hardly believe it!

Thank you so much

Amazing job !!! Looks rooted for sure

Your hair looks great!

Why root you did a perfect job! :smile:

You don’t need to root hair. Your painted hair is fantastic!


Thanks so much

Thank you

Great job! I had to look twice…thought it was rooted!

Yeah, why root when you do such a great job with the pencils!

Wow that is amazing, you need never buy mohair again with painting like that.

It looks so realistic!

Thank you

What a beautiful job, I wish I could do hair like this :blush:

He looks great!! Great job on the hair!!