I am in love with little Priscilla!!! Who else?


Never got to get presley,soo going to get her😉. So me lol

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Haha I dont paint yet but am thinking Im gonna get her as a custom. Love her❤

Me too! Can’t wait,theres alot of the new ones im waiting on.

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She’s so pretty!
I REALLY love Laila too

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I plan on buying her!! I love her mouth…also i have reborned Presley asleep and rooted black hair on him so i named him Elvis…lol so naturally im gonna need to buy Priscilla!!! :smiley:

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I want to get her, but I want to wait first to see if they release a Priscilla Awake!!

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I need to see the blanks!

chanting Blanks! Blanks! Blanks!

Love her.

Im definitely getting her!!!