Prince George's eyes.!

Needed a little break from rooting Cooper’s hair so I dug out George from the stash. Now I’ve never liked the look of his eyes. Too small IMO. So I did the unthinkable and decided to give him a more open eyed look. No…there’s no unhappy ending but it did take me quite a few hours of cutting, filing and sanding, ever so carefully, and will need some fine tuning but I think he ‘looks’ better than that tiny, squinty eyed look which I don’t see on pics of the real George. This is him in Coopers shirt.

And this is an original pic. What do you all think?


I think you did super!!! I have that one here to do as a custom order and I was thinking the eyes looked a bit too squinty too…Looks great what you have done!!!


Thanks Starr. So glad someone else doesn’t like those little eyes. I ended up using my very sharp and small pocket knife over a scalpel. Gave me more control and less chance of disaster! :scream:

He looks awesome!!! Can’t wait to see him with eyeballs!!!


Ha ha me too, when I find some to fit him. :see_no_evil:

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Way better!

Looks great, Lynette!

Wow! He looks great! You did such a great job.

I widened the eyes of my Kylie Strydom and I liked her so much more. I didn’t cut and sand though. Too nervous!